Making your memories come alive!

A little About Me

Erin Shepansky

I am a mom of three with a strong desire to help others, use my creative talents, and be available to my family. Integrity, balance, family and creativity are my core values. It is incredibly important to me that my work and life reflect all of these. It is with these words as my intention that I approach each project that I am blessed with. 
Butterflykiss Productions was born out a love of making things on my computer and a desire to help.
When my grandpa passed away my mom asked me if I could make a slideshow. I immediately said, "Of course!" without the slightest clue how to do it. I figured it out (with a lot of trial and error). I still watch that slideshow with my my kids and lovingly marvel at my kindhearted grandfather and his amazing life. After that I became the "go to" for all our family slideshow needs. Weddings, memorials, celebrations, you name it, I made it. It wasn't long before it  seeped into other areas of my life.
I started making them for the school and my kids' sports teams. It seemed like I was always making a slideshow for someone. I learned more and more with each presentation. I improved, became more efficient and found higher quality programs. It  was quite apparent that people LOVE slideshows, but don't have the time, patience or tech knowledge to make them. Voila! Butterflykiss Productions was born.