Making your memories come alive!


A Little You Time




Just a Little Techy

100% satisfaction guaranteed. You always get the final say. You will preview your presentation prior to production and we will continue working on it until you are completely satisfied. These are your memories and we make it our mission to deliver a product that you love. 
We can do amazing things with computers these days but who has the time? We get it! You're busy. Let us take something off of your plate Let us spend our time putting together a beautiful slideshow while you go to work, play with your kids, read a book, or whatever else lights you up. 
Technology can be frustrating. There are so many different programs out there but you don't have the time or desire to learn any of them. No problem, That's why we're here. Let us deal with the scanning, editting and frustrating computers. We've got it down to a science. 
Our Mission

Butterflykiss Productions'  purpose is to breathe life into your beautiful memories. 

At Butterflykiss Productions we take great pride in creating meaningful, impactful video presentations. We believe that there is an artistry to technology and we use this artitry to capture the nature of the person, project or business we are representing. It is our mission to create a video that you LOVE!


Your privacy is of utmost importance. We never publish any of your photos or videos without your written permission We respect your privacy and your photos will be carefully locked away from all eyes but ours. You can rest assured that your precisous memories will handled with great care and attention. We know how valuable your photos are to you. 


Life is meant to have a soundtrack. Let us get to know you and the subject of the slideshow. We take great pride in creating slideshows that really reflect the essence of the person or subject of our presentation. Music is a huge part of that. We use detailed questionaires and as many conversations as you want to help us better understand our muse and select just the right songs.